I'm Alysha and I founded Alleyway bakery in a student kitchen in St. Andrews in 2015. I've always been incredibly passionate about food but I caught the baking bug when I found out I had Coeliac disease in 2013. It was driven by a new found inability to just walk into a bakery and buy a cupcake or a slice of cake without much thought. The horror... So I began baking for myself. 

I have always been an adventurous eater, so I've brought that mentality to the kitchen. To me, cakes and desserts are just a vehicle for flavour, texture and art. A deliciously buttery, crumbly vehicle.

Everything I bake is gluten free for frankly selfish reasons. I have to be able to taste everything that I create, to make sure it's all delicious. Nothing leaves my kitchen that isn't as good, if not better than its gluten equivalent. I also use the finest ingredients, without the use of any artificial flavourings. 


I don't make gluten free for a health fad. I don't make gluten free to keep up with Instagram trends. I make gluten free so that everyone, including myself, can indulge in the simple pleasure that is a slice of cake.